Pool Pump Covers – What Style is Best For You?

Pool Pump Covers come in literally hundreds of different style, size and shape combinations. Here’s some quick info on how to select the right pool pump cover for your space.

Where is it going to be installed?


The first thing to consider is where your pool pump cover is going to be installed. Questions to ask are:

  • Is there a stable concrete footing to attach the feet to? This is essential!
  • Will it be attached to a wall?
  • Will it need be a self supported free standing unit with a back panel?
  • Will it be installed in front of a timber or Colorbond fence?
  • Is there any plumbing or electrical work that needs to be accommodated?

If you’re building a new pool, take time to plan where your pool equipment is going to be located and ensure your pool builder allows sufficient space on the concrete slab to fit a cover.

If you’re renovating an existing pool area, measure your space carefully to see which options will fit. Also consider ordering the biggest unit that you can (size DOES matter!), as this will give you some extra storage space for pool chemicals and other bits and pieces.

Wall Mounted Pool Pump Covers

pool-pump-covers-attached-to-wallThe Wall Mounted option is definitely our most popular style. With this configuration, your pump cover is fixed directly onto a masonry (brick) wall or fence. For this to work, you will need to have a solid wall or vertical surface that you can directly mount the backs of the side panels and the lid panel to. The front posts on your pump cover will also need to be fixed to a concrete slab at the bottom. Commercial grade masonry screws are included with you pump cover kit as standard, so if you (or a clever tradie mate) can use a masonry drill, you will be all set.

Free Standing / Fully Enclosed Pool Pump Covers

pool-pump-covers-with-rear-panelIf you’re not able to attach your pool pump cover to a masonry wall, the free standing option is definitely the way to go. This model comes as a stand alone unit with a rear panel. If you are installing in front of a timber or Colorbond fence, you can opt to have the rear slats removed from your filter cover to save yourself a cool $100 off the price. The free standing pool pump cover has four posts that will need to be fixed into a concrete slab or similar surface at the bottom, using the supplied fixings and a masonry drill bit

Not sure which style will work in your space?


If you’re not 100% sure which pool pump cover is right for you, please get in touch with us so we can help you choose. The easiest way is to take some photos of your pool equipment, mark up some measurements (depth, height and width), and send it all through to [email protected] so we can advise you on the best solution for your space. Our team lives for this stuff and would love to help!

Pool Pump Covers are available in over 150 different size combinations! Check out our full range today.